Moon's haunted, but Alex Gunn: Ghostbuster isn't going to let a few hundred thousand kilometers get in the way of what she does best: GHOST BUSTING.

Made for the GitHub Game Off 2020 in a month, Paralunar is a 2D shooting game set inside a haunted castle on the Moon. Shoot, float, dash and bounce around in low gravity while exorcising ghosts and other vengeful spirits!

EXPERIMENTAL WEB BUILD: Please download game for a more stable experience


  • Shoot: Left mouse click
  • Dash: Right mouse click / Space
  • Brake: F
  • Move left/right (on floor): A, D
  • Pause: Start
  • Quit: Esc
  • Fullscreen: F11

- Gamepad support is untested, but some players report that it works.
- Aiming with the mouse doesn't work while a gamepad is connected. Please disconnect your gamepad/joystick when playing with mouse and keyboard!

Tip: Shoot the monoliths to save!
Note: Dying loads the last saved game, so if you start a new game and die before saving, the game will load your last savefile.

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Updated 23 days ago
PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
GenreAction, Shooter
Made withGodot, GIMP
Tags2D, Cute, Ghosts, GitHub, Pixel Art
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Paralunar (Windows).zip 27 MB
Paralunar (Linux).zip 28 MB
Paralunar (Windows 32 bits).zip 26 MB

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That was fun. Thank you!

I played the whole game without realizing there was a "brake" feature. Whoops.


No, thank you for playing :)

Haha, it happened to a lot of people so don't worry! It's my fault. I should've added in-game control descriptions :P


What a lovely game! I just stumbled upon it and I love it! It was made with Godot, right? Great use of the engine! Congratulations and keep it up!

Thanks! Yup! It was made with Godot. You can even check out the source code, since it was made for the GitHub game jam :)


This games is under rated! Very well polished, loved the two mechanics of being in the air and also on the ground. Boss fights were very well done! Great experience to play it! Fid my video review below:

22:23 Paralunar 

Thank you very much! I'll watch your video when I get to my computer :)


Great platformer with nice pixel art! It is in my Top 5 of the Week!

Check my video!

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Thanks for playing! And thanks for featuring my game on your video. It's always interesting to look at how other people play.

You've featured some other interesting games there too! There was even another one from this jam (A Trip to the Moon).
If you haven't checked them out already, other high quality games from this jam that I'd recommend playing are Scent of Aurora, MonMon, The Ogi, Skyjunk, Mika and MoonWitches.