Moon's haunted, but Alex Gunn: Ghostbuster isn't going to let a few hundred thousand kilometers get in the way of what she does best: GHOST BUSTING.

Made for the GitHub Game Off 2020 in a month, Paralunar is a 2D shooting game set inside a haunted castle on the Moon. Shoot, float, dash and bounce around in low gravity while exorcising ghosts and other vengeful spirits!

EXPERIMENTAL WEB BUILD: Please download game for a more stable experience


  • Shoot: Left mouse click
  • Dash: Right mouse click / Space
  • Brake: F
  • Move left/right (on floor): A, D
  • Pause: Start
  • Quit: Esc
  • Fullscreen: F11

- Gamepad support is untested, but some players report that it works.
- Aiming with the mouse doesn't work while a gamepad is connected. Please disconnect your gamepad/joystick when playing with mouse and keyboard!

Tip: Shoot the monoliths to save!
Note: Dying loads the last saved game, so if you start a new game and die before saving, the game will load your last savefile.

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Paralunar (Windows).zip 27 MB
Paralunar (Linux).zip 28 MB
Paralunar (Windows 32 bits).zip 26 MB

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What a lovely game,i'm think about how to control in android.can i try to do it on your code?

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Thanks! The code is free. You can try whatever you want as long as you don't claim it as your own game or sell it (this means profiting in any way, like ads, cause it's still my work you're using)


You are very sweet. If I succeed, I will put the link here and look forward to more game from you


Cool game!!

Thanks! Will watch the video when I have some time :)



I loved the frenetic gameplay! Recommended! 

Thanks! :)


I played this in my latest jam video at around 18:40 (it's timestamped). It was so much fun! The music was great and the sound and animations for shooting, dashing and rolling were wonderful. It took a while to get used to the controls but that was before I realized shooting affected my direction too. Nice balance allowing us to stand or walk for more stability. I missed some of the intro because the game started playing before I looked at the screen but this was a blast. Great job!


Thanks again! Watching you play was fun too! 


This game looks really fun! :o I have a question I want to ask/discuss and would like to get in contact with you; what is the best way for me to go about doing so? (:

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Hey, thanks! You could ask your question here if you're comfortable with that, or you could send me a dm on twitter if you prefer some privacy. My username is the same as the one I use here, and there's a link on my profile.

I won't be able to respond instantly though. So keep that in mind.


I have cleared the customs, I will always support you!

Not sure what you mean by "customs", but thank you very much for your support!


Dear remruts, I am very happy to be able to play the game you created:)!!!

I like this game very much. It has made me experience a lot of happiness, but here I also give you some suggestions. The brakes of this game are a bit difficult to control, and it is very Sorry I found a bug. The second boss, the cute kitten, can be easily defeated by standing on the corner on the right when defeating him, without any harm. I hope you can fix it as soon as possible, thank you!

WanL, I'm really happy my little game has brought you joy. 

I'm aware of the issues you mention (and many MANY more!), but I don't have the time to fix them. Paralunar is a game made for a game jam, so I'm not even sure if I'll continue working on it. Gamedev isn't my day job, so unfortunately I can't dedicate 100% of my time to it.

I thank you very much nonetheless for your kind messages, your feedback and of course for playing!


Hi im just asking for the best way beat hekatoc i've been trying for so long and I find it really difficult.


Hi! I'm terribly sorry you're having a hard time trying to beat the final boss. 

Some tips: 

  • Use the "brake" key (F) anytime you can to position yourself better.
  • Move away from the corners, spikes hit you harder than Hekatok's magical bullets.
  • Staying on the ground (whenever you can) tends to help some people. Like, the spiky spinning bullets just crash into the ground and disappear. The only bullets that don't collide with the ground are the green arrows. You should dodge these with dashes.
  • Keep shooting! A lot of people tend to neglect shooting during the last bit, focusing on dodging all of Hekatok's attacks. Her attacks don't deal that much damage, so if you reach the end with a couple of lives, keep on shooting!

I hope that helps. I can make a small walkthrough video if you'd like, but you'll have to wait til after I finish my shift.

Thank you very much for playing! 


Thanks for the advice. I really enjoyed this Game a lot. :)

I'm glad to read that :)

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That was fun. Thank you!

I played the whole game without realizing there was a "brake" feature. Whoops.


No, thank you for playing :)

Haha, it happened to a lot of people so don't worry! It's my fault. I should've added in-game control descriptions :P


What a lovely game! I just stumbled upon it and I love it! It was made with Godot, right? Great use of the engine! Congratulations and keep it up!

Thanks! Yup! It was made with Godot. You can even check out the source code, since it was made for the GitHub game jam :)


This games is under rated! Very well polished, loved the two mechanics of being in the air and also on the ground. Boss fights were very well done! Great experience to play it! Fid my video review below:

22:23 Paralunar 

Thank you very much! I'll watch your video when I get to my computer :)


Great platformer with nice pixel art! It is in my Top 5 of the Week!

Check my video!

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Thanks for playing! And thanks for featuring my game on your video. It's always interesting to look at how other people play.

You've featured some other interesting games there too! There was even another one from this jam (A Trip to the Moon).
If you haven't checked them out already, other high quality games from this jam that I'd recommend playing are Scent of Aurora, MonMon, The Ogi, Skyjunk, Mika and MoonWitches.