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A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

IGASCALBNIAAAIMD is a top-down shooter made for the Ludum Dare 44 Jam

The theme was "Your life is currency" and this is the result. As it is, it's unfinished and the game's story isn't shown anywhere, so I'll tell it here:

You died and then Death resurected you as an axolotl. But it wasn't for free! Now you are in debt and have to pay with the souls of immortal beings (plus interests every thirty seconds).

Originally the game was going to have 4 enemies (zombies, demons, lichs and shadow figures) plus a vampire boss and a lot of different bubbles and upgrades.

Alas, the game has only 4 types of bubbles, one enemy (zombies) and a shop. Also simple procedural dungeons and some stats. The game doesn't even feature Lizzie (Death) :(


asdf to move
left click to shoot
right click to absorb
mouse wheel to scroll bubbles
f11 for fullscreen (broken) 

Install instructions


Just extract everything and run


For Linux: 


and then run with 


Mac OS  

Extract and open the app (thanks anttihaavikko)


Windows build (Jam Version) 13 MB
Linux build (Jam Version) 17 MB
Mac OS build (Jam Version) 18 MB
Windows build (Post Jam v1.0) 18 MB
Linux build (Post Jam v1.0) 21 MB
MacOS build (Post Jam v1.0) 37 MB

Development log


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You should add the LD page link (and the corresponding tag) in the game details. I stumbled across this in here and having a hard time finding it from

You're right. It slipped my mind. Thanks. And thanks for playing :)


Any plans to continue development?

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I'm not really sure. At least not this month, because I'm quite busy. Also, the game is a bit too similar to Nuclear Throne, so it's not really original or anything. I'd like to make another game too. Anyways, probably yes, but not in the near future.  

Thanks for playing!


Never heard of Nuclear Throne, but I'll look it up! Thanks for the reply.